About Shoxan.com

Shoxan.com is world’s largest online portal for Kurdish Fashion. Focusing, mainly, on providing fabrics that are used for Kurdish women traditional clothing. We are sure that the quality of our fabrics is amongst the best in the industry.

Shoxan.com also provides other relevant products such as accessories and bags.

Why Shoxan.com

You can find a huge variety of fabrics without having to leave home.

The fabric market in Kurdistan is flooded by many small shops across the region. Most of the Shops have a limited variation of fabrics, so you have to visit many different shops, maybe even in different cities to find your fabric.

By visiting Shoxan.com you can find a huge variety of products. Be it for daily use or for a special event, you will find your fabric that you desire in the same place while you are sitting at home using your phone or computer, it really saves you time, effort and money. 

Fabrics selected by women for women

Most of Kurdistan fabric shops are owned and ran by men. Even during the import of the fabrics the decision and taste is totally made by men.

At Shoxan.com we put a huge emphasis on the importance of women select the fabrics for women. Amongst our team, we have women with many years of experience in the field travelling around the world to select the best fabrics for Kurdish women.

Clear And Affordable Prices

If you have bought fabrics anywhere in Kurdistan through a shop you have most probably felt uncomfortable with the prices. The variation of pricing differs too much for the same product, the pricing feels more individual based on how the shop owners thinks of you and it is clear that there is a huge price discrimination from the shop owners. We understand that this creates a discomfort for you when you purchase a fabric, so we have come out with a solution for this issue and it is very proper.

At Shoxan.com, we believe in transparency and we have clearly and already negotiated prices with very competitive pricing. We do believe that we have the lowest prices in the market with the best quality of products.

Free Delivery To Your Home

We offer free delivery to your home within Kurdistan region without any extra or additional costs.